Surviving the Darkness – Book Release

surviving the darkness

Here is the trailer for my first published book, Surviving the Darkness: Lessons learned from a battle with depression and anxiety, which was released on 5 August 2020. Surviving the Darkness is a concise, thought-provoking and inspiring narrative of the lessons learned from surviving a lengthy battle with depression and anxiety, laden with useful references and practical tips for carers and sufferers. It is now available in print (paperback) and as an e-Book from all major online bookstores around the world including Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. You can also buy it here.


Nicholls’ writing is concise, thought-provoking, and laden with useful references for carers and sufferers alike. He refrains from broad detail about his depressive experience in order to keep readers from keying on his problems and feeling even more hopeless about their own, while providing sufficient detail of both his decline and his recovery to offer an abundance of encouragement. All told, Surviving the Darkness will doubtless be invaluable to anyone who has a diagnosis of depression and anxiety, presenting a realistic portrait of the many possibilities for complete recovery.

— Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★★

A compact guide to coping with depression. Nicholls advises that “there is no fixed menu of options,” but his overview of 20-plus strategies, including “Do not expect too much too soon” and “Set Limits,” supplemented by lessons learned and “failed options,” is likely to be exceptionally helpful to readers in similar situations…Nicholls writes succinctly with a keen sense of compassion and understanding. Candid, reflective, and illuminating.

— Kirkus Reviews

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