Surviving the Darkness

Surviving the Darkness
Series: Surviving the Darkness
Genres: Health & Well-Being, Inspirational, Mental Health, Mood Disorders, Motivational, Non-Fiction, Psychology, Self-Help, Self-Improvement
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Robert Nicholls
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Print (paperback)
Length: 164 pags
ASIN: 0648886506
ISBN: 9780648886501

A concise, thought-provoking and inspiring narrative of the lessons learned from surviving a lengthy battle with depression and anxiety, laden with useful references and practical tips for carers and sufferers.

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About the Book
Lessons learned from a battle with depression and anxiety

After years of learning from his suffering in a battle with depression and anxiety, Nicholls shares the discoveries gained in that difficult process in Surviving the Darkness: Lessons Learned from a Battle with Depression and Anxiety. Nicholls provides practical tools for coping with depression and anxiety, overcoming common obstacles, restoring hope through the discovery of pathways to recovery, and if you care for someone with depression, providing them with meaningful support.

Nicholls’ writing is concise, thought-provoking, and laden with useful references for carers and sufferers alike. He refrains from broad detail about his depressive experience in order to keep readers from keying on his problems and feeling even more hopeless about their own, while providing sufficient detail of both his decline and his recovery to offer an abundance of encouragement. All told, Surviving the Darkness will doubtless be invaluable to anyone who has a diagnosis of depression and anxiety, presenting a realistic portrait of the many possibilities for complete recovery.

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★★

A compact guide to coping with depression. Nicholls advises that “there is no fixed menu of options,” but his overview of 20-plus strategies, including “Do not expect too much too soon” and “Set Limits,” supplemented by lessons learned and “failed options,” is likely to be exceptionally helpful to readers in similar situations…Nicholls writes succinctly with a keen sense of compassion and understanding. Candid, reflective, and illuminating.

Kirkus Reviews

Who should read Surviving the Darkness

Surviving the Darkness will doubtless be invaluable to anyone who has a diagnosis of depression and anxiety, presenting a realistic portrait of the many pathways to recovery. For caregivers and supporters of those with depression, Nicholls offers helpful suggestions including comprehensive tables detailing things to say (and to avoid saying), warning signs to look out for, prevention tips and the importance of self-care. The book is also likely to benefit anyone seeking a better understanding of depression and anxiety and the impact of these illnesses upon sufferers.

What you will get from reading this book
  • A concise, thought-provoking account about recovery from depression and anxiety.
  • Useful references and practical tools for sufferers and carers.
  • Guidance on ways to overcome common obstacles (the barriers to treatment).
  • How to become “the driver, not a passenger” in your recovery.
  • An understanding of the treatment options, including tips on selecting your Recovery Team and how to identify ‘good’ therapy.
  • Coping strategies that you can use or adapt to your situation.
  • Benefits of the lessons learned over many years from a battle with depression and anxiety.
  • An abundance of encouragement and ultimately, the means of restoring hope.

Once you have these practical tools at your disposal, Surviving the Darkness becomes the only option.

About the Author
Robert Nicholls

Robert Nicholls (1969-) is an Australian indie author, writer and mental health advocate.

Before becoming a writer, Robert had a long and successful career in various roles as a specialist lawyer, senior corporate executive, director and business owner. He has evolved as a spirited mental health advocate and writer of his blog on the subjects of mental health, self-help and improvement, motivation, human endeavour, communication, life and leadership, and other writing genres, which are featured at

'Surviving the Darkness' is his first published book.

Robert lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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